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May 2017 Archives

What is the portability election?

Like many in Denver, you likely worry that much of the estate that you have accumulated for the purpose of benefitting your spouse and/or your children once you are gone will be eaten up in the fees associated with administration. It is for this reason that you have likely done what is needed to avoid having your estate go to probate or accruing other costs. Yet one potential estate-related expense that many overlook is estate taxes.

Medicare and long-term care

Colorado residents who are looking ahead and wanting to make sure they are properly protected if the day should come that they need care and help on a daily basis should learn about different long term care options. Also, people with family members who suddenly experience a change that warrants this type of care need to learn their options. If a person qualifies for Medicare, some help may be able to be paid for by this insurance.

How are revocable and irrevocable trusts different?

If you are one of the many Colorado residents who has made creating an estate plan a priority for you, you should feel very proud of yourself for taking this step. A good estate plan can give you and your family a great deal of peace of mind. It also gives you the ability to be more in control of your life and your assets. If you are considering a trust, you'll want to understand the different options so you can select the right one for you.

Things to consider when disinheriting your children

Some people in Colorado believe that disinheriting their children is cold and callous. But, there are legitimate reasons why a person may decide to do so. According to, some parents disinherit their kids because there are estrangement issues, they may not have a good relationship with them or their children are already financially well off.

Who should you choose to execute your will?

One of the most critical parts of putting together a will in Colorado is selecting an executor who understands your intentions and desires, and is committed to allocating your possessions in conjunction with what you have recorded. Being proactive about preparing your will can provide security for your loved ones and peace of mind for you, and is facilitated by an executor who takes your wishes seriously.

You have an important financial advantage that Prince doesn't

Rock legend Prince, who died April 21 last year, was loved worldwide for his brilliant and passionate music. But as news emerges about the estate he left behind, family members must wish he had been as brilliant and passionate about his finances.

What is the role of a guardian in Colorado?

Whether you have an aging loved one or a close friend in Colorado who needs assistance, you may want to look into obtaining a guardianship. According to Colorado law, guardians can be appointed over incapacitated minors or adults who are unable to make informed choices or communicate with professionals regarding their safety, self-care or physical health. Guardians can be family members, volunteers, friends or even representatives from the Department of Human Services in some counties. Once the appropriate person has been deemed guardian of the incapacitated person, often referred to as the ward, the guardian has certain roles he or she can perform in the best interests of the patient.

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