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June is bustin’ out all over with solutions

If you’re of a certain age, you recognize the song from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical Carousel:

June is bustin’ out all over — All over the meadow and the hill!

June is also a big deal at The Hughes Law Firm PC in Denver. We are holding free estate planning webinars throughout Colorado. Our webinar topic for June is “Wills and Trusts 101: How To Avoid Probate and Other Costly Mistakes.”

Take a look at our webinar schedule and see if one of our get-togethers is convenient for you:

  • Colorado Springs: June 3, 10 am, Olympian Plaza
  • Thornton: June 8, 8 pm, Margaret Carpenter Rec Center
  • Aurora: June 10, 10 am, Heather Gardens
  • Lakewood: June 13, 2 pm, Lakewood Heritage Center
  • Colorado Springs: June 15, 2 pm, Olympian Plaza
  • Thornton: June 17, 10 am, Margaret Carpenter Rec Center
  • Aurora: June 22, 2 pm, Heather Gardens

For the past number of years, our attorneys have been conducting informational webinars for people, just like you, including:

  • Those who are just starting to think about life transitions
  • Those who have specific estate planning goals
  • Those who wish to maximize the size of their estates for the benefit of their families and charities

At these webinars, you will learn about critical documents that too many people put off — wills, trusts, powers of attorney and living wills. In our webinars, you will also learn how the probate process works, and how to avoid being dragged down by the process. And of high importance to many Baby Boomers, you will learn how to keep your assets from being swallowed up by nursing care.

June is not unique. We hold these information webinars every month of the year. But the great weather, plus the opportunity to address issues that matter to your family, will help you address what you have been putting off. Make June matter.

To quote Oscar Hammerstein again:

You can see it in the trees — You can smell it in the breeze

We hope to see you at one of our June gatherings. We also offer numerous webinars geared specifically for those with larger estates.