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Medicare and long-term care

Colorado residents who are looking ahead and wanting to make sure they are properly protected if the day should come that they need care and help on a daily basis should learn about different long term care options. Also, people with family members who suddenly experience a change that warrants this type of care need to learn their options. If a person qualifies for Medicare, some help may be able to be paid for by this insurance. explains that not all long term care needs are eligible for coverage by Medicare. If a person solely needs help with basic daily living items such as dressing, bathing, eating and cleaning, this is not likely to be approved as a Medicare expense or covered item. However, these thigs may be able to be covered if they are part of an additional level of care needed such as skilled nursing or other services.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, skilled nursing services at home or stays in facilities may be covered if certain criteria are met. For starters, the person must have been in the hospital within 30 days of going to a facility. The hospital stay must have lasted more than two days and the care facility must be approved by Medicare. The patient must need services like physical therapy or other things beyond help with activities of daily living.

If a doctor indicates that someone requires certain services such as therapy or social services to help recover from an injury or an illness, Medicare may cover that as well. Hospice care may also be approved for people who have been deemed to have less than six months to live.