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Funeral Preplanning

The average person may find him or herself planning a funeral only once or twice in their entire lifetime. It is perfectly normal to feel a sense of apprehension, uncertainty or even outright fear of this process. Complicating these feelings is the fact that you are probably completing this task at time of great sadness; someone you love has died.

A funeral director understands your concerns. He or she is an expert at planning a funeral, is your resource for all information you may need regarding funeral services and related merchandise and is committed to providing compassionate assistance during this difficult time.

“Pre-need” plans (also known as “preplanning”) are the funeral plans that people make for the living. Pre-need funeral plans can be made at any time and offer many advantages. Funeral homes, cemeteries and other funeral service companies can help you preplan a funeral for yourself, your spouse or a parent.

Top 5 Reasons Preplanning A Funeral Could Be The Right Choice For You

  • You want to ease the burden on your family.
  • You want to assume the financial responsibility for your funeral.
  • You want your family to have the benefit of a meaningful funeral.
  • You want your final wishes to be followed.
  • You want to be self-reliant and have your affairs in order at the end of your life.

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