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Often the least expensive and least disruptive choice in elder care is to modify the family home to accommodate the needs of the aging community. Eliminating barriers, safe bathrooms, stair assistance, handles and bars can all be installed to eliminate risks while providing the security and comfort of the family residence.

Medicare can cover (depending on your plan) up to 80% of medical equipment but does not provide any allowance for home modification.

Like Medicare, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) program of medical benefits includes coverage of durable medical equipment for use in the home. In addition, the VA has three programs that offer home-modification grants to certain veterans who have severe service-connected disabilities. These are:

  • Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grants. An SAH grant is to help modify a home to make it wheelchair accessible or otherwise “barrier free” for certain veterans whose severe service-connected disabilities make it impossible for them to live independently without such modifications. An SAH grant can be as much as $63,780.
  • Special Home Adaptation (SHA) grants. An SHA grant helps pay to modify a home — the veteran’s or a family member’s where the veteran lives — to meet the needs of certain disabled veterans who need assistance with mobility around the house. An SHA grant can be as much as $12,756.
  • Home Improvement and Structural Alteration (HISA) grants. A HISA grant provides funds for home improvements necessary for a disabled veteran to have access around the house and for essential lavatory and sanitary facilities. A HISA grant is available to a disabled veteran even if the disability isn’t service-connected. HISA grants are up to $4,100 for a veteran whose disability is service-connected, and up to $1,200 for a veteran whose disability isn’t service-connected.

Our partners have researched all the ins and outs of this approach to personal residence accommodation and are ready and willing to give you the best insights and the best advice. Premier services like Phillip Lifeline can give you peace of mind too, knowing that 24/7 attention is always available.

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