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In Memoriam: John Campbell

Tragedy Strikes Our Law Firm


Recently, one of our beloved and esteemed attorneys, John Campbell, passed away in a tragic scuba diving accident in the Blue Hole outside of Santa Rosa, NM. John was seeking his SCUBA certification and needed an open-water dive to complete his requirements. Something very wrong occurred 40 feet down. John was dead when his body was recovered from the depths; however, we still don’t know the true cause of his passing. Hopefully, the autopsy will clarify details. Everyone here at our office is devastated.

John has worked with us for over 6 years, leading our long-term care and Medicaid crisis-planning department. The author of countless articles and a speaker at dozens of seminars and symposiums, John was regarded as the dean of Medicaid and long-term care planning in Colorado. He was also a rare specialist in the field of what is known as Medicare set-aside law. Many of our clients rubbed shoulders with John over the years watching him present on Medicaid law at the Senior Law days at various locations around the city and state. He not only worked with our private clients, he coached many other attorneys and taught them the elder-law asset-protection ropes.

A scholar and a gentleman, John was also an avid fly fisherman, artist, and musician. Rumor has it that his bright blue Jeep Wrangler was filled to the gills with fishing rods, painted canvases, and drums. How he found time to do so many things outside of his career is a mystery to all of us.

John is survived by his beautiful wife, Annie, who, understandably, is distraught over the sudden and mysterious loss of her partner of many years. Our caring staff is doing everything we can to make this transition for Annie as painless as possible.

Thankfully, we have a committed and talented staff that is ready, willing, and able to pick up the pieces and run with the matters left behind. We have much to do to finish his cases and work with his clients. It will take some time, but we are confident we can do what’s necessary. If any of you reading this article have cases with John now, please understand what we are going through, and help us work out the details in a prompt and professional manner. Thank you for your understanding and your condolences.

Richard Hughes