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December 2017 Archives

No children. No heirs. Who will inherit my assets when I'm gone?

A few years ago, a wealthy real estate tycoon passed away at the age of 97 with no children and no other family members. The man, a Holocaust survivor, left behind a $40 million estate, but he did not have an estate plan, not even a will - at least none that anyone could find. After a thorough worldwide search for blood relatives, his fortune escheated to the state where he resided.

Did Manson have a will?

Charles Manson, responsible for nine murders almost half a century ago, died of natural causes last month at the age of 83, and once again he appears to be causing chaos. Apparently, during all his years in prison, he failed to do any legitimate estate planning, leaving his potential relatives and friends to fight over his belongings in probate court.

The Resource Test: The least understood aspect of Medicaid

When facing the prospect of long-term care, either for yourself or for your parents, it's important to consider how Medicaid can work for you. You likely know that the program was designed to provide medical coverage -- such as nursing home expenses -- to people who cannot afford to get pay for it on their own. As such there are hard limits to how much money a person on Medicaid can take in, as well as the value of their assets.

Simplifying estate planning

Estate planning is a task that many people put off doing. As a matter of fact, a 2015 survey from revealed that 44 percent of parents in the United States do not have wills or living trusts. Is it because they do not understand the importance of having these documents in place?

Will you have to pay for your parents' health care costs?

Did you know that you may be responsible for paying your parents' medical bills and long-term care expenses? In certain circumstances, filial laws allow nursing homes and other types of care facilities to seek payments from you. If you live in Colorado but your parents live elsewhere, you may fall into that group.

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