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Superhero Efforts May Be Needed to Avert Family Tragedies

  • On behalf of: The Hughes Law Firm, P.C.
  • Published: April 20, 2018

In a large estate, with few inheritors, what happens when there are serious allegations about elder abuse levied at the beneficiary? This exact situation is playing out, in the recently revealed details of a pop culture legend’s dealings with his only daughter.

The sad case of comic book icon Stan Lee has a great many intersections with what can be the hardest situations to face when planning your estate. There is a dispute with his caregivers. There is some evidence of unscrupulous influencers manipulating his daughter. There are allegations of elder abuse. At stake, aside from his $50 million estate, is the remaining healthy years of a man with few living relatives.

Heirs under the influence

As a parent or grandparent, it can be painful to see your family struggling. You want to be able to do what is best for them, but there are hard limits to what you can do. Additionally, if your child is advised by someone with less than clean scruples any action you take has the possibility of backfiring. It can be a bitterly disappointing situation to face.

However, you do have options if you question your beneficiaries’ financial responsibility. You can place your assets in a trust administered by a dependable third party. A strong trust, built with measures to mitigate the possibility of litigation, can help protect your beneficiaries, even if they resent it.

Caring for your adult children as best you can

Sometimes, your children make choices that put them in tough positions. You can hope that they can resolve it themselves, but there is nothing wrong with building a safety net for them.

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