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Protect Your Assets From Nursing Home Costs With Medicaid

Are you or a family member facing substantial long-term care expenses? Are you worried about having to spend your hard-earned life savings on home care, assisted living or nursing homes? Did you know that the monthly cost of nursing home care in Denver can be as high as $9,000 or $10,000? Do you think Medicaid can help?

Many people are confused about the differences between Medicare and Medicaid. Basically, Medicare is a federal program intended to help individuals cover medical expenses when they turn 65. Unlike Medicaid, there are no financial requirements for Medicare. However, Medicare, with minor exceptions, does not pay for nursing homes. Only Medicaid does.

At The Hughes Law Firm, P.C., we help people just like you with elder law issues, including qualifying for Medicaid benefits.

How Can I Afford Long-Term Care?

If you find yourself with questions about Medicaid, you are not alone. In fact, it is quite common to have concerns about your assets and savings as you get older, especially if you are worried about losing everything to $8,000 per month long-term care costs.

Fortunately, there are things you can do now to help prepare for the future ― things that can help you get the Medicaid benefits you need, while at the same time avoiding mistakes that can be costly to you and your family.

Answering All Of Your Medicaid Questions

To learn more about Medicaid and its eligibility requirements, contact the attorneys at The Hughes Law firm today. We can help guide you through this complex process and confidently educate you as to the various stages of Medicaid eligibility ― and together, we can determine the right road for you and your family to take. Our dedicated and compassionate lawyers can answer any question you may have about Medicaid eligibility, including questions such as:

It’s Never Too Early To Start Planning

When dealing with any long-term care planning situation, timing is crucial. The sooner you act, the sooner you may be eligible for Medicaid ― and the sooner you can have a plan in place that avoids costly delays. Quite simply, planning ahead gives you peace of mind through this long-term care journey.

To learn how to plan now by reading The Lifetime Bulletproof Trust. In it, you will learn the ropes of advance planning without having to buy long-term care insurance ― or having to worry about going broke in a nursing home.

Whether you believe you have years to prepare or you are in need of immediate Medicaid benefits ― meaning you require help with crisis Medicaid planning ― we are here for you. You and your family should be focused on your health and well-being, not the red tape and bureaucracy of the system.

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No matter your situation, we will work tirelessly to help you develop the best Medicaid plan possible, help you implement that plan and help you get your Medicaid application successfully approved by the state Medicaid agency.

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