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How To Protect Your Loved Ones’ Inheritance With A Trust

Depending on your situation, there may be many advantages ― both financial and legal ― for establishing a trust. For instance, you may wish to preserve assets for your heirs while at the same time avoiding estate taxes and probate.

Whatever your reasons, however, you should always consult with an experienced attorney to learn which type of trust is best suited to meet your needs, whether it is a revocable living trust, irrevocable living trust, testamentary trust, special needs trust, our proprietary Bulletproof Trust  or anything in between. Quite simply, a well-planned trust is one of the most effective estate planning tools available.

Trusts: The Contemporary Way To Avoid Probate And Many Other Costly Mistakes
Read more about the Remarkable Living Trust and learn why so many families are planning with living trusts.

Worried Your Assets Will Be Squandered? Our Bulletproof Trust  May Be For You.

When assets are simply inherited outright, they are exposed to a wide range of risks, particularly if the heir is irresponsible or the target of lawsuits, creditors or opportunistic friends and family. Fortunately, however, you have other options available besides simply leaving your estate outright to your children and heirs. You can leave your estate to your children in a Descendants’ Bulletproof Trust™.

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