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Medications Matter! Be Informed! Embrace Your Health!

In today’s hectic retail pharmacy environment, most pharmacists cannot spend adequate time with you to provide the care and support you need to fully understand your medication.

With our personalized consulting service we are able to deliver a comprehensive medication review, help patients reach their target health goals and provide better medication education to patients.

You should meet with us if:

  • You are concerned about your medications
  • You are concerned about a loved one’s medications
  • You take more than one drug for the same condition
  • You see multiple doctors/specialists
  • You use multiple pharmacies to dispense your medications
  • You are experiencing side effects from your medications
  • Your Medications are becoming harder to afford
  • You have recently been hospitalized or home from the hospital and are confused about the changes to your medications.
  • Despite your medication use, you still are not meeting your health care goals


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