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Next Step for Seniors

Next Step for Seniors assists in guidance during the transition phases that occur during the aging process.

They are here to help answer the questions:

  • “What is the next step to care for my loved one?”
  • “They are discharging my loved one from the hospital and I don’t know what to do?”
  • “They say we need specific equipment at home. Where do we get it and how much does it cost?”
  • “Who is a good health care agency and how do I know to trust them?”
  • And most frequently we hear: “I can’t believe the time and energy I have spent. I wish I knew someone to assist.”

Stuart Shwartz spent the last six years working in the health care industry at a skilled nursing facility as a CNA and as a home health care aide.

He witnessed firsthand the problems that seniors and their families face trying to successfully and economically navigate through many complicated decisions. Next Step for Seniors assists, guides and finds solutions.

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