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Preparing to Move Your Parents Into Assisted Living

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  • Published: November 13, 2017

You’ve been working hard to give your parents the care they need as they get older, but it has become too much to take on alone. So, you and your parents have made the decision to have them move into an assisted living facility so they can get the care they need.

This is a decision many people in the Denver area will have to make. And it is one likely to come before many families in the future, given modern life expectancies and the complex care needs related to aging.

This decision is not one, however, that immediately eliminates all concerns an adult child has about an aging parent and his or her care. You may be concerned about what effects the move to an assisted living home will have on your parent, you and your family as a whole.

The costs and limitations of assisted living facilities

There are challenges that can come up for families when an aging parent is in an assisted living facility.

This includes challenges related to paying for assisted living and nursing homes. The expenses related to such a stay can be high. Average costs for nursing care is $9,000 to $10,000 per month in Denver.

Also, while assisted living facilities can be a big help with the care of aging parents, adult children still may experience challenges related to ensuring all of their parents’ needs are met. This is because there are limitations in the services provided at assisted living homes. What can you do to prepare for such challenges?

Planning: Choosing the right facility

Factor in concerns about such challenges when you help your parent pick a facility. Facilities have varying programs and services. Some are more proactive in coming up with new programs to address the limitations in assisted living care. Whichever facility you and your parent select could have big implications.

What things should you be looking into when researching facilities? A recent Next Avenue article gave some suggestions. Recommendations include asking an assisted living facility about its programs and policies related to:

  • Detecting potential problems before they arise
  • Communicating concerns to families
  • Preventing unnecessary hospital visits
  • Helping residents return from hospital stays
  • Families bringing in aides to provide additional help for residents

Planning: Preparing for the costs

Also, there are preparations you should make regarding the cost of a parent’s assisted living stay. This includes long-term care planning. There are many factors that affect the cost of assisted living care, including Medicaid eligibility rules. Long-term care planning involves taking tailored steps to address these various factors in a way aimed at protecting your family’s long-term financial interests.

Planning: Consult a professional

Long-term care and estate planning touch on many complex issues and can be quite costly if not done correctly. An estate planning lawyer can provide skilled guidance.

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