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Brookdale Hospice

Brookdale Hospice offers a full spectrum of care designed to respect the dignity of the individual. Our care is skilled and compassionate in its delivery with the goal of providing comfort and freedom from pain. At the same time, it aims to provide the patient with as much independence and control as possible, for as long as possible.


Brookdale Hospice is made up of a team of compassionate and dedicated individuals who will be there to guide and support the patient and family. Our team is made up of:

Hospice Medical Director
The Hospice Medical Director is a member of the hospice team and supports palliation and management of the terminal illness and related conditions.

Registered Nurse Case Manager
The primary role of the RN Case Manager is to help manage pain and other symptoms and to teach caregivers how to care for their loved one. The nurse also ensures necessary medical supplies are ordered and assists in monitoring medications.

The chaplain offers pastoral care visits, as well as contacting a patient’s own clergy, pastoral counselor or others for additional support.

Social Worker
Facing a serious illness can be a time of tremendous pain and confusion. Services provided by the social worker include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing emotional support, counseling and guidance
  • Identifying available community resources
  • Assisting the patient and family with planning for funeral arrangements, additional care, nursing home placement, etc.
  • Offering information about advanced directives

Hospice Aide
The hospice aide assists with the patient’s personal care, which may include bathing, hair or skin care, shaving and catheter care.

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