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While dealing with the death of a family member or loved one is already a difficult situation, having to handle a legal dispute involving his or her estate can make things even worse ― especially if this dispute leads to litigation.

Fortunately, the experienced attorneys and compassionate legal professionals at The Hughes Law Firm are here to help guide you through your most challenging estate-related legal issues. In fact, our estate lawyers can assist you with a wide range of litigation matters, including those associated with:

  • Will contests: Litigation of contested issues regarding a will may be required when heirs suspect that the decedent had diminished capacity or that he or she was exposed to undue influence or duress. Other grounds may include the unclear intent of the testator or when the execution of the will doesn’t conform to Colorado law.
  • Disputes regarding probate or trust distribution: Improper valuation of assets, mismanagement of assets and the duty to expeditiously handle the settlement and distribution of estates may require the assistance of an experienced litigation attorney.
  • Contested conservatorship: A conservator may be necessary when an incapacitated person does not have a financial power of attorney. Conservatorships may be contested when there is evidence of financial exploitation by an individual who the alleged incapacitated person believes is acting in his or her best interest. Trusting seniors may also fall victim to scams.
  • Contested guardianship: Bitter disputes among family members may result regarding an individual who lacks capacity to make his or her own medical decisions. Some family members or the alleged incapacitated person may not believe that guardianship is necessary.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty: Agents under powers of attorney, trustees of trusts, personal representatives, executors, guardians and conservators are fiduciaries and, under Colorado law, must act in a fair and equitable manner. Self-dealing, conflicts of interest, theft or other abuse relating to mismanagement of assets or fraudulent conduct may result in litigation.
  • Common law marriage: Common law marriage is recognized in Colorado. Simply residing with another for a period of time does not mean that a common law marriage existed. Is there clear and convincing evidence that the couple held themselves out as husband and wife to the entire community? Other heirs or interested parties may dispute the existence of the marriage. Requesting the court to determine that a marriage existed may be necessary.

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