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The Hughes Law Firm

Colorado Estate Planning

Serving Denver, Arvada, Centennial and the Surrounding Cities

The team of committed professionals at The Hughes Law Firm share a common passion for helping families throughout all seasons of the human lifetime - from protecting the youngest members of your family, supporting the educational and special needs of the next generation, establishing a strong foundation for family homes and businesses, securing retirement for breadwinners, protecting the hard-earned assets of the 50+, protecting the independence, choice and freedom of the great and grand in your family, and helping the entire family when a loved one passes.

The Hughes Law Firm's 40 years of continuous service to Coloradans affords us the ability to give you mistake-free, sound and above all practical advice. We understand the courts, the judges, the processes, and most importantly, the law. We know, for example, that the less money you have the more you need to get it right - the first time.

We have dedicated ourselves to helping families and individuals from all walks of life. We count among our 40,000 clients judges, senators, bankers as well as pipe fitters, teachers, police and postal workers. The laws are here to help and protect you and your family and we are here to interpret those laws to your greatest advantage.

Beyond interpreting law and navigating the sometimes complicated filing and legal processes, our help comes in a number of other ways — from our free educational seminars presented in several neighborhoods each month, to our free informational guides we publish to help you learn vitally important concepts including how to protect your hard-earned savings, navigate Medicaid and VA benefits, avoiding or administering probate, and the entire area of trusts.

While many law firms seem to make things as complex as possible, our firm is committed to the belief that our job starts and ends with education: your understanding is as important as the paperwork. Come in and experience the difference caring and quality make. There is, of course, no charge for your initial consultation.

Attorney Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes is a graduate of Indiana University and the University of Denver College of Law. He and his staff have hosted hundreds of seminars, workshops and panel discussions on a variety of estate planning topics, including probate avoidance, tax savings, powers of attorney, living wills, HIPAA, disability issues, asset-protection strategies, Medicaid law and trust planning.

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The Bulletproof Trust™

Inherited assets left outright to your heirs are exposed to a multitude of hazards, including divorce, creditors, lawsuits and opportunistic friends, relatives and suitors. Leaving your estate outright to your children is risky and, frankly, unnecessary. Instead, leave your estate to your children in a trust – a Bulletproof Trust™.

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